People Pleasing
People pleasing means constantly putting another person's needs before your own and bending over backwards for those who you know don’t deserve it.
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Toxic Relationships
Feeling emotionally exhausted due to the actions of your partner, is a sign of a toxic relationship..
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Perfectionism is defined by Google herself as a personality trait, characterised by a person’s striving for flawlessness. But what does that really mean?
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Guilt vs. shame
For any co-dependent person, people pleaser or perfectionist, the guilt that comes from making a mistake feels different to you than others. By this I mean, it hurts...
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Setting boundaries is often easier than enforcing them. This is because we go into a relationship head strong, with a clear understanding of what's wrong and right.
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"A woman who knows what she brings to the table, is not afraid to eat alone"

Co-dependency, people-pleasing, staying in toxic relationships, struggling with guilt and shame, are all signs of a lack of self-love..

I know that many women, myself included, struggle with the need to make everything perfect. This includes our appearance, relationships, work, ect. It can be extremely difficult to get out of abusive, self-sabotaging cycles if we don’t understand why we are like this. Therefore, throughout this blog, we will get to the root causes of these debilitating issues and I will be sharing my most valuable tips and tricks about self-love which have truly transformed my life. ​


But in the meantime, welcome to my lifestyle blog. I am so glad that you have landed on my page. This is a safe space where I will be talking about how you can free yourself from emotionally abusive, toxic relationships. 

Through my experiences, I have learnt that understanding why so many of us stay stuck in these destructive cycles is the key to getting out. But, more importantly, we have to recognise our value as strong, beautiful women who are worthy of respect in order to establish what we deserve.