toxic relationships

“they won’t like the new boundaries you’ve set for yourself because they’ve benefited from you having none” - Kylie Francis

Why can't we enforce them?

Setting boundaries is often easier than enforcing them. This is because we go into a relationship head strong, with a clear understanding of what’s wrong and right. But as feelings develop and emotions take over, when your partner does overstep a boundary it’s not always that easy to pack your bags and get out. This is the first problem because in this simple act of forgiveness you are are letting him know that what you want doesn’t actually matter…

What's done, is done..

I personally believe that change isn’t possible. I say that change isn’t possible because if someone knows the consequences before violating your boundary and does it anyway, they are willing to sacrifice the relationship to suit their own needs. And, if someone has the arrogance to feel entitled enough to disrespect you in any way, then you are faced with two choices – grow from the experience or repeat the cycle.

“Walls keep everybody out, boundaries teach them where the door is” - Mark Groves

worthy of respect

No-one can love you and still violate your boundaries at the same time

So, it’s time we stop asking why they keep on doing it and start questioning why we keep putting up with it. 

One of the hardest things to do when someone continuously disrespects you, is to believe that this is their true character. It is sometimes easier to cling onto the hope that one day they will change but deep down we are not even fully convinced. But this doesn’t mean that you are not worthy of being loved, cherished and cared for – it simply means that this person doesn’t have the capacity to love on the level that you deserve as it is impossible for someone to violate your boundaries and love you at the same time.

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