"You need to learn to get up from the table, when love is no longer being served" - Nina Simone

Feeling emotionally exhausted due to the actions of your partner, is a sign of a toxic relationship. It can be particularly damaging to your physical or emotional well-being. But, often we get so caught up in a whirlwind of emotions that the lines between wrong and right and good and bad become so blurred. We are left feeling confused, empty but most of all, stuck in a never ending cycle of abuse. 

Reaching Your Breaking Point..

We often endure weeks, months and even years of non-stop emotional torture until finally reaching a  breaking point. This is because the hostile environment becomes too much and the realisation sets in that  a relationship is supposed to be a two-way street, not an all-take, no-give situation. Yet, the most confusing thing is that many of us still stay. 

The Characteristics

This kind of a relationship breeds insecurity

Feeds off of dominance and control 

Is one sided, as the self-centred partner will always be in a position of power 

"If it is destroying you, then it is not love"

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